Best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers

Top 5 Coffee Christmas gift ideas

‘Tis (nearly) the season, as they say, so if you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers 2020, then check out our top 5 list which covers everything from great value stocking filler ideas to some premium options.

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#1 coffee sampler gift pack

One of the many things we love about our customers is that they will often tell other people about us. One of our customers bought all of our single origin coffees for his father to try out and his Dad had an enjoyable few months finding his favourite.

However, for those of you who would take a while to get through that amount of coffee or you are on a budget we have created a new product for you. It’s called the “a taste of range” and it’s the perfect introduction to who Ethical Addictions are and what we are all about. Each one contains three coffees and informational postcards all wrapped up in an artisanal mini hessian bag.

#2 UK Coffee Subscription

best coffee subscription uk | roasters choice

2020 in the UK has been the year of coffee subscriptions. We have two options. An ongoing subscription or a pre-paid option.

You can select how many bags you want a month and which variety you want them to be or if you are looking for variety, select the “Roaster’s Choice” option and we will select something different for you to try each month.

Simply let us know when you want it to start and you can can start the new year with an EA coffee subscription.

#3 Merchandise!

Yes we have a small clothing range which has baseball caps and aprons. If you are looking for something cheap as a stocking filler then we still have a few jute bags left for the bargain price of £2!

#4 The ultimate gift ~ An Espresso Machine

If money is not an issue and you were wanting to pick the ultimate present for the coffee lover in your life then we would recommend the Fracino Classico Espresso Machine. Fracino are a company that we trust for their reliability and regularly install their machines for our wholesale customers.

If you are looking for the ultimate coffee machine for your home, then not only is this a well built, reliable machine, but it looks absolutely amazing as well! If you buy from us, then it comes with a 12 month back to base warranty and telephone support for install and training.

#5 The classic cafetiere remastered

There are a lot of devices out there to make gourmet coffee with that are great like the aeropress but there is a lot to be said for the classic cafetiere.  The Planetary Design cafetiere is stainless steel, insulated and comes in a range of colours. There’s something really nice about making coffee for the family or a group of friends after a nice meal. Or having to work from home and being able to go back for your second or third cup and it’s still hot. If you are looking for a  model that not only looks fantastic but is consistently reliable then  we recommend the Bru-Stop by Planetary Design.

In fact, Ian, our Head Bean has the previous version at home. Mrs Head Bean, prefers the look of this newer design and would love this for Christmas. However, Mr Head Bean says that the old one needs to break before he replaces it. As you can imagine for a coffee lover, he uses it daily and it’s still going strong after eight years!

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