Colombian Casa Negra

Colombian Filter Coffee

Colombia Casa Negra Beans

From Armenia, Quindio in the South-West

This coffee comes form our new and developing relationship with Carlos and his family in Casa Negra. We are excited to be building a relationship with Carlos and working with him to invest in his local community to help produce high quality coffee, and improve livelihoods.  We are working towards establishing a fully fledged direct trade relationship.

Watch our journal and social media for updates and reports from our trip to Colombia later this year.



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About Colombian Casa Negra Coffee Beans

From Finca Casa Negra, Quindio

This is a new and exciting relationship that Ian and the team are working hard to curate and develop with third generation coffee farmer Carlos and his family. Through this partnership, we aim to buy more and more coffee each year and invest in the farming community around Casa  Negra. We’re exploring opportunities to keep building this relationship from its fledgling start in 2021 for a long term future together.

The Quindio region is located in the South West part of Colombia and has a stable microclimate all year round that is ideal for growing coffee beans. There are a combination of reasons for this including altitude, the protection of the mountains that surround it and the closeness to the equator. Colombia’s main export is coffee and it is the third largest producer in the world.

This coffee, selected by us here at EA, is grown by Carlos, a third-generation coffee farmer at Finca Casa Negra located in Armenia, Quindio. Carlos’ focus for many years was on producing high yields but he has now switched to high quality, speciality coffee – somethng we applaud and are excited to support.