We are proud to be the first coffee roaster certified by Happerley Transparent.  

Happerley was established by two farmers wanting to break down the disconnect between producer and consumer, and restore honesty and credibility to food provenance by turning food chain data transparent and to the consumer. Its solution is engineered on two fundamental truths. Firstly, by turning food supply chains from consumer to producer transparent and visible, every participating business will benefit from reduced food fraud and misrepresentation. Secondly, it recognises that the truth of provenance of any produce begins at the beginning of the food chain – at birth or seed. By empowering the producer to apply a Passport, and enabling the upward food chain to validate that provenance at each stage, the consumer will be then be empowered to validate premiums.   


“Happerley is passionate about provenance and many people think that this means ‘local’ but this is not the case – it is simply about knowing where your food and drink has come from – locally or from the other side of the world – truth and transparency! We are therefore delighted that Ethical Addictions Coffee have become the first coffee company to be Gold Standard and their story is one to inspire others.” 
                                               – Matthew Rymer (Happerley Founder and CEO)

What does Gold Standard actually mean?

Achieving Happerley Gold Standard means that consumers are now able to see the farm or grower from which your core ingredients come from.  Most suppliers will struggle to achieve Happerley Gold Standard as they may not care for where their ingredients come from. So, achieving Happerley Gold Standard is certainly something to be proud of as lack of ingredient provenance is at the forefront of consumer concerns.