A taste of | Coffee Variety Pack Gift Set

Discover your new favourite coffee inside your own mini hessian sack

We are really excited to present our new “a taste of” coffee gift sets; a fantastic introduction to our unique blends and single origin speciality coffee.

Whether you are buying from us for the first time or a seasoned customer looking to try something new, these coffee variety packs are perfect for you. They also make great presents.




Introducing our brand new “A taste of” gourmet coffee gift sets presented in your own mini coffee sack:

  • ‘A taste of Africa’ transports your taste buds to Tanzania, to the mountain range of Kilimanjaro and to the coffee growing collective in the Cameroon Boyo region.
  • ‘A taste of South America’ will take your taste buds to the Brazilian rainforest and to the remote region of Argelia in Colombia.
  • ‘A taste of the Wild’ will introduce your palette to our delicious exclusive blends.


Each selection pack includes:

  • x3 different coffee samples
  • Tasting Notes postcard
  • Brew Guide postcard
  • The Bean Journey postcard
  • All beautifully presented in your own mini hessian coffee sack


Each sachet has enough coffee to fill a one litre cafetiere (French Press) which is roughly four cups or 3 larger mugs. That’s enough to taste test with friends and family or savour it all for yourself over the day. Available ground or whole bean.

Gourmet Coffee Gift Sets UK

They make great gifts for coffee lovers at a low price so feel free to try them all. Available as ground coffee or coffee beans.



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A Taste of ...

Africa, South America, The Wild (exclusive blends)