Machare Farm Kilimanjaro


The Machare Farm lies 4,500 feet up on the slopes of snow-capped Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and is owned by the local village cooperatives. Machare has been leased and rehabilitated by people with a passion for fine gourmet coffee and the preservation of Kilimanjaro’s unique environment.

The Management

Owned by a cooperative, but leased, revived, developed and managed, this farm employs many of the cooperative members throughout the year, and many, many more during the harvest. Inspired by the passion and vision of Bente, the team care for the environment and the workers with exceptional diligence and generosity.

The Environment

Amongst other things, the farm has reduced water usage by over 90%; uses biofuel for machinery; preserves the habitat through shade-grown coffee; minimises the use of chemicals; and has created a tree project to maintain eco-balance on the famous mountain, something you can be a part of.

Social Action

The team at Machare Farm are instrumental in creating the opportunities for social action in the area, and have opened the doors for Ethical Addictions to invest in hydro-electic power, wood-burning stoves, and coffee production.


  • Machare Farm is organic, no chemicals
  • The Machare Farm is not a huge commercial farm, yet has a highly motivated and caring management team - as such it is one of the most advanced farms for environmental preservation and sustainable farming methods. And it shares its knowledge with others.
  • Machare excels in tree management, soil management, water management, and waste management.
  • Water use has been dramatically reduced by 97%, preserving precious sources for people further down the mountain.
  • Machare actively seeks creative ways to preserve resources and minimise the use of any chemicals. E.g. collection and treatment of rainwater.
  • Farm irrigation runs entirely on gravity.
  • There is an active bio-diesel programme working to minimise use of fossil fuels on the farm.
  • 'Shade-grown' coffee is produced throughout the farm to preseve habitat and protect various forms of bird, reptile and monkey life.
  • Conservation of trees and habitat are preserving a precious micro-climate and protecting rare plant and animal life such as Colobus Monkeys, Serval Cats, Rwenzori Turaco, Hoopoe, and the Rufous Winged Sunbird.
  • Seedlings are regularly planted to encourage re-forestation.
  • Machare Farm 350 acres (100 acres left to natural reserve)