Conor Woodman – an investigative journalist – has looked at who we are and what we claim to do. He has visited the farms and villages and writes about us in his book UnFair Trade (2012). His research of us and many others makes interesting observations and conclusions.

“That companies can make a powerful difference by actually doing the right thing rather than simply signing up to it is confirmed by a visit (to Ethical Addictions).” (p.53)

After visiting us in Gloucestershire he followed up on our supply chain to origin – to the Orera Village in Tanzania.

“The importance of coffee to the people who live on the mountain cannot be underestimated. The village has suffered greatly in the past 20 years . . . . Coffee is the only cash crop here, and Liliani and the other villagers are totally dependent on the price set by the market.

That is until recently, when the village found a new buyer and began selling its coffee to Ethical Addictions . . . . who felt they could afford to pay almost twice as much as the farmers had previously received.”  (p.170)

As you may have already gathered Ethical Addictions is not just about high quality coffee sourced direct, taking care to ensure producers are paid well and cared for, we are also concerned about the care shown to the environment, to preserve our great planet, natural habitats, and a future for us all. 

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