Aeropress Go

the Aeropress Go is lightweight and portable so perfect for outdoor use, camping, holidays or even using at work. Slightly smaller than the original Aeropress so ideal for individuals on the go.

Make a smooth tasting, bitter free coffee in under one minute.


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  • Mug with lid,
  • Chamber with plunger
  • filter cap and filter holder
  • Stirrer and scoop
  • Durable and simple to clean
  • Features a new silicone seal which is softer that the previous seal yet also more durable.
  • A storage carton with 350 micro-filters (which can be rinsed and used again up to 10 times!)
  • Everything packs up neatly in the included mug

We recommend our ground fine\ medium option for our coffees when brewing with an Aeropress but feel free to experiment on your own to find the perfect extraction and flavour.