Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

For a coffee business the right espresso coffee is essential, and we have a range to help you stand out.

Our signature blend has been with us for years as a proven success with rave reviews and many an accolade.

A dark, rich blend with a beautifully smooth finish.  Impressive as a pressed coffee and strong to cut through milk for lattes and cappuccinos to make the best cup of coffee for your customer.

A lighter roast with just two coffees that compliment each other for body and flavour.  Much more intricate and sweet.

Reliable and smooth for those who want a single origin to work for their espresso-based drinks.

As well as selling wholesale coffee beans it is also available in retail packs (beans and ground) so you can sell to your customers to enjoy at home.


We pride ourselves on sourcing only speciality quality coffee and our decaf coffee is no exception.

Our decaffeinated is a medium roasted Brazilian coffee which has passed through the ingenious Swiss Water Process which is 100% chemical free. The result is healthier, tastier coffee which is ideal for people who want a great tasting coffee but with no caffeine. 

No nasty after-taste, and no nasty chemicals. 

You can learn more about the process by taking a look at our Swiss Water Process Diagram or visiting 

Available as bulk coffee beans for a single-shot grinder, or pre-ground for espresso & a measuring spoon.

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As coffee bean wholesalers we’d always recommend fresh ground coffee but where that isn’t possible or practical then pre-measured sachets are a great solution.  Whether you serve filter coffee or cafetieres,  or maybe a large percolator or V60 pour-over.

  • The correct quantity to make it just the way you want it.
  • From 15g – 180g
  • The correct grind for your equipment. 
  • Consistent (especially important when different people make coffee on different occasions)
  • Freshly opened each time, no coffee left open to go stale.  
  • Saves waste. 
  • Your choice of coffee. 


If your customers love our wholesale coffee then we can also supply you with our retail bags. They are available wholesale for your store, farm shop or delicatessen.  A full range of our coffees, beans and ground.

Kraft bags, valved, with a resealable zipper so customers can keep it fresh at home.  

We have also introduced our bulk bags (6Kg). These EA sacks are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, and zero plastic.  Ideal for shops now selling loose ingredients by weight, and wanting to reduce packaging and waste. 

Deli Grinders

We can help you choose a deli grinder to use in your store to sell fresh-ground coffee.

COFFEE wholesale suppliers

You can buy bulk coffee beans, green unroasted and new coffee machines and view the different delivery choices. Why not arrange a visit to our Gloucester roastery and we can help you find the right coffee and equipment for your needs.