Ethical Church Coffee Supplies

Coffee is important in church, not only for us to enjoy whilst we connect and chat at a church gathering, but also when we invite friends. It’s also important we are buying products that we know are fair throughout the supply chain and support farmers in developing nations. We can help by offering advice for the right solution to make coffee, as well as providing excellent coffee direct from the farm backed with stories of real people and real projects that you will become part of.  

Ethical Addictions is a company founded on Christian principles in 2006, and it’s been an adventure ever since. At EA we believe in ‘business as mission’ – a powerful tool for good when done well, honouring relationships and acting justly.  

Traditionally the way coffee growers have been treated in the past is diabolical. Whilst the FairTrade organisation has made some progress we wanted to go further and also discovered small farm holdings who could not afford to join the scheme, and we felt called to work with them.  

We sell our coffee to individuals, businesses and churches across the UK.

Ethical Addictions have also been featured in Christian media outlets. We were used as a case study for the Jubilee Centre entitled “21st Century Pioneers: Faith, Enterprise and social purpose research report.” You can read the full report here or the specific case study is on page 40. As a consequence we were featured in the Church Times. Founder Ian Meredith was also interviewed in an article,  in the Financial Times, entitled “Faith at work: the entrepreneurs who connect the spiritual and professional” . You can read it in full here.

Coffee Machines for Churches

We have flexible solutions for all sizes of church – from a few in a small group to over 1000 meeting on a Sunday morning and everything in between. 

As a Christian coffee company, we have also helped set-up a number of coffee shops with churches and community groups so we have a raft of experience to share, and will gladly provide advice on everything we know from concept to equipment, as well as layout and products and more.


WOW!! Absolutely AMAZING!! I have subscribed and tried many Roasters / companies in the past, EA is by far the best!!!! Thank you SO much – I look forward to building a relationship with EA for both the church, personal and café! AWESOME! – A Eyre

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The Prayer Bench

Brazil Vira Mao 2022
Brazilian Coffee ~ Gerezim Fazenda Isaltino Ian Athos

Athos & Isaltino Caixeta, Gerezim Farm, Minas Gerais, Brazil

We work with lots of different farmers, smallholders and traders in coffee in different countries and relationship is everything to us.  These guys are a wonderful family in central Brazil where Isatino is not only the coffee farmer but also a local church pastor.  We are so thankful for our friendship with them and their story of faith is an incredible one.  

This bench, their ‘prayer bench’ has been sat on generation after generation as they have prayed for their crops, and given thanks for their harvest. Several times I have had the privilege to sit with them and pray with them for the farm and their family. 


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