Colombian La Primavera

colombia laprimavera

Colombia La Primavera Finca Beans

From Silvania, Cudinamarca

This Colombian coffee comes from our new and developing relationship with Francisco and his family at La Primavera. We are so excited to have established this direct trade relationship with Francisco, to be able to work with him to invest in his farm, the environment and his community.

La Primavera Finca is a relatively small organic family farm,  in the Cudinamarca region.  More than 25% of the land is laid fallow to rainforest where a huge number of bird species thrive. The coffee is organic, bird-friendly and shade-grown.

The huge marshlands nearby in this high altitiude region, creates a micro climate of low cloud and unique indigenuos trees, with high humidity and high rainfall – which can help the crop, but hampers the drying process at times!  They support ten families all year round, and many more during harvest.  In addition they have invested in their own dry mill on the farm itself to help ensure quality of process, to add value, and help diversify income. 

After Ian’s first visit he reflected that he had “never seen a farm so committed to eco system preservation, to shade grown coffee and to harmony with it’s environment.” (you can read the full origin report in our journal)

Watch our journal and social media for updates and reports as we grow relationships in Colombia.