Our Story so far ...

Farm to cup and back again

Whether its through our farm direct coffees, doing mutually beneficial trade direct with coffee farms year on year, or the social projects in coffee growing nations, we aspire to have a social footprint that lasts a lot longer than the coffee we all enjoy drinking.

We are committed to doing business differently.

From day one we have always believed in giving back and this page captures briefly the history and projects of Ethical Addictions.

The links on this page will take you to more in depth articles on our journal pages. For more of an overview of who we are and what we do check out our explore page. Alternatively get in touch via our contact page or give us a call. 

Ethical Addictions is born

Circumstances collide, opportunities open up and two friends buy half a tonne of coffee to see if they can make a difference, and make a business…

Farm Direct #1 Machare Farm Tanzania

Our first visit to the Machare Farm that started a relationship that still exists today.

First Project Complete

Support for our first project; Hydro electric power into Orera Village (near the Machare farm) means light into every home.

Farm Direct #2 Mweka Villages

Mweka is a collection of small villages, including Orera and Manoshi, located on the slopes Mount Kilimanjaro.

New Stoves

Installing new stoves transforms the health and family life of the Orera villagers homes. Each stove will also save half a ton of carbon a year.

Gerezim Fazenda Signpost

Farm Direct #3 Olá Brazil

A new direct trade relationship established with the Caixeta Family farm in Central Brazil. Wonderful coffee and wonderful people.

Continued Development

in Orera village, Tanzania. Help for farmers buying land and equipment.

Project Pulpery

More help with materials to build the central pulpery unit for communty work and coffee processing to add value to Orera villagers crop.

Orphans in Uganda

Supporting orphans in Uganda through life skills and vocational training opportunities.

Tree Planting Project Mweka Villages

Tree Planting

Tree planting projects to help with reforestation and soil erosion.

Farm Direct #4 Cameroon Boyo

A new relationship was formed with farmer Matti Foncha from the Boyo Hills. 

UK Social Projects

Sponsoring UK social projects with funding and equipment.

Water Pipe Project

Water project to pipe water into a village supplying 100 families who have never had clean running water before. Life-changing!!

£2000 given to Amigos

Price matched £2k for Amigos charity who work in Uganda.

Farm Direct #5 Jacutinga

Our first visit to the Jacutinga Community, Brazil Farm Direct #5 Jacutinga.

Project Maji

The last water project went so well that we funded another water pipe installation in another village near the Machare farm.

Feeding Kids in Uganda

We partnered with a primary school to help with their feeding project in Kigulya, Uganda. 

New Weighing Scale

Purchasing weighing scales and getting them calibrated by the government the Mweka villagers have the right tools for their work and keep more of their income in the village.

New Raised Beds

Funding raised beds for drying coffee in Jacuntinga community in Brazil, to invest in their work to continue producing exceptional coffee.

Tree Planting ~ Nykaweri Forest, Kenya

We helped fund a conservancy with wardens to protect deforestation for charcoal and crops, in partnership with other organisations and a local Maasi tribe. 

Global Pandemic

For the first time ever, head bean Ian, is unable to visit farms due to Covid-19.

School Fees Paid

The Orera village had a very low harvest due to climate change. EA stepped in to ensure the children didn’t miss out on education despite limited income for families.

What Next?

Join us and our wonderful customers to become part of the adventure …

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