Newsletter: Jack & Jacutinga

Summer 2019

Beautiful scenes, beautiful coffee

This is Jacutinga, ethically sourced coffee from a small coffee growing community high in the hills of southern Minas Gerais, Brazil.

We’ve been back to buy the crop this year and meet with Osmar and his family. The more they understand speciality coffee, and the benefits of taking extra care, the better the coffee is becoming. It’s already cupping in the mid- to high-80s, and offering a full rounded sweet cup, with chocolate and hazelnut notes. And it is grown 1200m high up in the most beautiful scenery.

One of the projects we’ve invested in through a social premium per bag is to fund raised drying tables which Elton is keen to use for his crop. These should dry the beans more uniformly, and avoid any contamination reducing rejections. Here’s his mum, Gorete, checking on the first pick to be dried this way. Can’t wait to cup it!

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Jack of all trades!

Jack has joined the team full-time and adds a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the office and warehouse – which we love!

He is passionate about coffee and about the way we trade so he is keen to learn and travel to the farms.

What most excites you about working with EA?

Loud, lively and very tall.

Give us 3 words to describe you?

Being able to make a difference where it matters, and having a good time in the process.

What will your role be here at EA?

We all do a bit of everything, but I will mainly look after new customers, training, as well as packing up orders and deliveries.

What's your favourite coffee right now?

Grizzly Brown Bear Coffee through a V60 dripper. I love the dark roast blend.

Brown Bear Coffee bag in roasted coffee beans

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