Newsletter: Weights & Measures

Autumn 2019

Weigh more value for small producers in Tanzania

You can’t do your job properly without the right tools. We continue to believe in our farmers, and continue to invest in our relationships with them in order to improve their livelihoods, and improve your coffee.

These new weighing scales allow them to do more of the process in their village, adding more value to their crop. In the past we have invested in pulpers for the same reason, and now when they have dried and sorted the beans they can bag and weigh them ready to
go to town for the final milling. EA have bought seven scales, and the necessary government calibration certificates for the seven villages in Mweka, Kilimanjaro. 

When Ian visits later this year we’ll make sure he weighs something and sends us all a photo!

News for next time

Jacutinga photos, Brazil crops arriving, and Colombia . . . .

New Coffee Bags

Looking oh so good!

Our new stand-up pouches available now for all coffees:
> kraft paper outer
> one-way valve for freshness
> ziplock resealable strip
> new labels

But same great coffee of course.

Ethical Bean Decaf bag surrounded by roasted beans

If you love coffee but thinking of reducing your caffeine intake you should checkout our Swiss Water decaf. We think it might be the best decaf coffee uk. A strong claim but our customers love it. In fact we have customers who just buy this brand from us.

Happerly Gold

A true check on provenance and transparency of the supply process, we are pleased to have been awarded the GOLD STANDARD.

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