Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

Pure, caffeine-free all-day enjoyment with no chemicals that maintains the great taste.




Perfect for after dinner reflection with friends – original full-flavoured Arabica coffee that maintains its smooth taste without compromise. No buzz & you can get to sleep!

The SWISS WATER decaf Process is the only decaffeination in the world that preserves the coffee’s fullest flavour and completely avoids the use of any chemicals.

A great all-day medium strength gourmet coffee.


SWISS WATER Decaf Details:

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolatey, rounded, smooth



Frequently Asked Questions

Does Decaffeinated Coffee Taste Good?

We totally understand this question. Unfortunately a lot of decaf coffees taste terrible, especially the instant variety. However, some people can barely taste the difference between our regular coffees and our decaf.

Is Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Safe To Drink?

Yes it is. However, not all decaf coffee is created to the same high quality. We received a message from one of our customers that said:

Before lockdown I used to buy your decaff coffee but during lockdown found myself ordering coffee online with a supermarket. After accidently spilling black coffee over my lounge carpet and the domestic carpet cleaner telling me that a dye was put in chemically extracted decaf coffee I’ve come back to EA!!

What our customers say about our decaffeinated coffee

Excellent service, prompt delivery, and wonderful coffee. Swiss water decaffeinated is perfect when you don’t want any more caffeine in a day! ~ E McGuirk

… Swiss Water Decaf’ still maintains its great taste with Cameroon & Machare our go-to for a caffeine boost!! ~ D Barnes

Best decaf coffee ever! Great service too! ~ J Collinson

Really tasty decaf, wouldn’t use anything else at home 👏💗😋 ~ S Hyde via Facebook

You can find these reviews and more on our TrustPilot Page.

How Does the Swiss Water process work?

The process is a combination of water, temperature and time. The quality process gently removes the caffeine but maintains the taste. It’s all chemical free and environmentally friendly. The best decaf coffee UK comes from the best decaf process. No chemicals – 100% organic process. Fresher, more consistent decaf quality. Vastly improved flavour retention. You can read more about the process at

SWISS WATER Decaffeinated ~ The Best Decaf Coffee UK

Click on the image below to watch a video about how the process works.

best decaf coffee uk


Additional information


Beans, Ground Coarse (cafetiere, french press …), Ground Medium (brewer, pour over …), Ground Fine (espresso, stove top …)


225g, 1kg