Jacutinga Sitio Brazil

Sitio Jacutinga Brazil coffee bag
Named after the community high up in the south of Minas Gerais region of Brazil. 
Through our friends at Legender in Machado (Demilson & Herico) we were introduced to farmers like Osmar and his family who grow exceptional coffee at around 1200m in the rural community of Jacutinga, Poco Fundo. EA are committed to continue to work with these farmers and have been buying coffee from this small community now since 2016, getting to know the people, and investing in them for improved production and quality.  
Jose and Elton (father and son) are one of the families we work with in Jacutinga and we have invested in them by buying raised beds to dry the coffee cherry. This should help improve quality even further. 
We roast it a little lighter to bring the best out of this high altitude Brazilian coffee, so we can all experience it’s sweet chocolate taste, with a little fruit and hazelnut.