Mweka Villages Kilimanjaro

Mweka Villages, Tanzania coffee

We source our Kilimanjaro coffee by working directly with small villages high up the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in East Africa we are proud to bring you this exceptional Arabica. Dark and smooth with a velvety cocoa and caramel finish.

Where do we start? There’s a lot to tell that simply can’t be fitted on this one page. We’ll include a lot of links where we can but if you ever want to know more – just ask. 

Let’s start by giving due credit to Bente, the manager of Machare Farm, for it is her vision and relationships that EA have managed to work through to make a difference. Through Bente, we have been introduced to two villages who have had no route to market and had to sell to whomever came along at whatever price was offered.

This was an injustice given the quality of their Tanzania coffee and the effort they had put in to farm and produce it. With some investment (from Machare, EA and others), a lot of encouragement, and a little hope, the villages started to process their own coffee.  


The Orera Village

After investment and education in quality coffee production, in 2008 EA bought the first crop from the Orera village – their entire crop. We paid a fair market price, a significant increase on anything they had received before. Ethical Addictions has committed to working with Orera long-term and buying their best crop each year. 

They have continued to learn, to invest in their coffee trees, nursery, pulpery and drying tables to increase their quality and quantity of coffee. Here is the ‘thank you’ we received from them. And below are a selection of quotes sent to us after our last visit:

In 2010 they were able to collectively secure the purchase of more land to establish their nursery – further investing in their own crops and self-belief in their ability to create a sustainable business growing good coffee. You can see the land purchase deeds and photos of the land (note: don’t expect a detailed and official document like we have here in the UK!)


"I am very grateful to Ethical Addictions because I could pay the primary school fees for my grandson. In addition, I had the chance to buy two roofing sheets for my home. Moreover, I bought a hen that gave us already many delicious eggs."
Kilimanjaro Coffee farmer Gregory Josef
Gregory Josef
Orera Villager
"I could pay the primary school fees for two of my children and buy a sheep."
Frida Edward
Orera Villager
"Before, we used to all sleep in the same room on the same bed. Now, I could build a bedroom for my five children so that they have more space. I could also pay the school fees for all the five children, including the uniforms and the books, etc."
Desiana Pauli
Orera Villager


Testimonial Videos

Orera Village Gallery

The Manoshi Village

In short, a similar story. Starting in 2009 with investment into a village pulpery, they were equipped to process their coffee. When we came along, again through Bente’s introduction, we sat in their village and heard their story before agreeing to buy their entire crop – stunned silence met our offer, and then broke into spontaneous dancing and singing. Emotional and wonderful! 

Again, a selection of quotes sent to us after our last visit:


"I intend to finance the secondary school fees for my two older children and the primary school fees for my three younger children. Moreover, I will finish the building procedures on my house. If there are still some savings remaining, I will buy hens and a goat."
Bernard Malya
Manoshi Villager
"With the additional savings, I would like to finish the building process of my house, improve my coffee farm’s efficiency and send my son Mkunde to primary school."
Honorata Siriwa
Manoshi Villager
"I have to raise my four children on my own. With the earnings of the 25 kg harvest, I would like to finance the secondary school fees of the two eldest and the primary school fees of the two younger children. To this purpose, I also need to invest in the improvement of my coffee farm so that next year’s harvest will be more fruitful."
Ionofefa Kiwia
Manoshi Villager


Manoshi Village Gallery


Despite the overwhelming gratitude we receive, we maintain we are not doing anything extraordinary, just the rights thing. If everyone behaved in trade as they should, behaviour like this would not stand out, but be the norm – unfortunately this may remain our dream.

And there may be potential to work with others in the future too. However, what we want to establish is long-term sustainable relationships with these villages first before over-expanding and not being able to fulfil our commitments.

The experience we have gained working with these villages has motivated us to work with other farmers. We want our customers to be able to order tasty hot drinks options from us and the reviews we receive on our website encourage us that we are headed in the right direction.

You can be a part too – big or small – in transforming the lives of Kilimanjaro coffee farmers, and the environment.

Partnering with larger usage establishments is one avenue we’re excited about and make connections between these farmers and our customers. What a great story to back up serving great coffee, to know the farm it comes from. If you think your business could make a commitment to EA and therefore to a village like Orera, then please speak to us on 01452 280026

Find out more information and view the latest news on the Mweka villages by going to our journal.