Delivery & Installation of new equipment

Pre-install advice and inspections

Call-outs and fixing problems

Annual service

Coffee equipment repairs

Water filter exchange – see more

Spare parts & Grinder blades

Wherever possible we do this ourselves as trained espresso engineers but where necessary we also have access to nationwide network of engineers.


Relationships are everything to us from the farmers through to our customers who serve our coffee, so helping you use equipment correctly and safely to get the most out of it and make your business successful is really important. We can help with training on all types of coffee equipment, sharing years of experience, tips, tricks and stories.

Install and train new equipment

Barista training

  • origins and sourcing coffee
  • different beans
  • roasting and storage
  • grinding & tamping
  • the perfect espresso shot
  • milk steaming, foaming & frothing
  • maintaining and cleaning equipment
  • customer service
Fruccino PID2 Machine


A truly eco-friendly water filter, made in Britain

iX FILTER – for great hot beverages


The iX filter is the first eco-friendly ion exchange cartridge filter, offering an internal refill to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost-effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters. 

Designed for use on coffee machines, espresso equipment and other drinks machines. 

Save money, save planet
Re-usable filter housing – just replace the inner resin tube refill for extra savings and less waste.

Excellent performance
Specially formulated ion-exchange resin with carbon block for excellent scale reduction and improved taste.

Standard fixed 20% blend for optimised flavour, aroma and crema. With variable option based on local water hardness.

Easy to use
Quarter turn release mechanism shuts off water supply for ease of maintenance. Push-fit connections on head. 


Water Filter Eco Brochure