Measuring our impact on the environment

One of our passions at home and overseas has always been to find affordable and practical ways to minimise our environmental impact and reduce single-use plastics.
As you may know we already do a lot, but recently we’ve been able to do more, and have some further creative ideas in the pipeline. You can read a lot online about the overseas work on forest preservation, and water reduction. But for EA in the UK here’s a reminder of what we do, and some new ideas:

  • all take-out supplies are plastic-free, compostable / biodegradable
  • re-use packaging where possible
  • return packaging to suppliers for re-use e.g. polystyrene
  • courier service uses paper labels instead of plastic windows
  • our courier, DPD is also trying to lead it’s field in eco credentials
  • packing tape switching to kraft paper not plastic where possible
  • bulk paper sack option to reduce packaging on coffee
  • in regular discussions with waste company about better recycling and zero landfill options
  • most weeks we only produce one black bag of waste

If you have more ideas for us, even better . . . please share.

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