Money down the toilet! 🚽

Whenever we are in East Africa, we’re not only checking coffee quality and sorting the next year’s crop, we are looking for opportunities to invest in communities and improve lives. We believe in the power of business to do good, and the ‘full circle’ whereby we not only trade directly, honestly and generously, but with our profits, we look to give back even more to the people who grow our coffee.

Ian with John, head teacher Pascalina and friend

At the end of 2022, we visited Omi School in Mweka, Northern Tanzania. This is the local school where the children from the coffee-growing families, that we know and work with will go. Whilst visiting we saw the terrible state of the current toilets.

The government had built the basic structure of two new toilet blocks – one for the boys and one for the girls. However, that’s as far as it went. Unfortunately there was no more funding to finish the build, they still need access steps, doors, windows, plumbing, painting and finishing. There is still a lot to do! This felt like a great project to get involved with – relationally as we know the families, and because it will have such a positive impact on health and hygiene.

So discussions started with John, a local education support officer and Pascalina, the Omi school headteacher to see if and how we can help. Excitingly, in February we sent the money to complete the toilet blocks.  John has met with the school committee and the MP, so we’re ready to go!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the short thankyou from the school children. 


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Hello, we are incredibly happy to have a modern model toilet in the whole district. We are very happy, teachers, students, and all the school committee, especially girls. we thank them. Thank you very much to you and your family together with Mr. John for good management, and for our efforts, we pray for you.

God bless you very much, our children are happy, also on behalf of the elementary school committee, we are happy.

Head Teacher Pascalina


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