Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

There is nothing quite like grinding your favourite coffee beans at home to bring out the freshest aromatic flavours in your coffee and when it comes to quality and reliability you cannot go wrong with the Bodum Bistro electric coffee grinder.


  • A great looking and robust electric coffee blade grinder
  • Easy to use push button control with push or continuous grind options
  • Holds 60g of coffee beans
  • The stainless steel cutting blade takes your favourite coffee bean from course to fine with the touch of a button
  • Made from rubber, plastic and stainless steel
  • Available in Black , Green, Teal, Pink & White



To use you place up to 60g of coffee beans into the Bodum Bistro grinder and seal the lid.

Choose between pulse or continuous grind. Then simply press the power button to grind for up to 60 seconds or until you have your desired consistency.

Then with your freshly ground coffee brew using your usual method, to make great espresso.

The Bodum coffee grinder is a great entry level electric grinder for coffee lovers that holds its own against more expensive models. It is affordable and simple to use.

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Green, Black, Teal, Pink, White, Red