Bodum Cold Brew French Press

Bodum take their ground breaking French press technology and apply it to cold brew coffee. Now you can easily make your own cold brew mix simply with this excellent cold brew coffee maker and your favourite EA coffee.

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Cold brewing offers a much different extraction process to what you may be used to. You brew using cold water rather than hot and brew over several hours (most people leave it overnight in the fridge) rather than a few minutes. The process brings out the more subtle flavours from your coffee and it tends to produce a more sweeter brew. This is a great option on those hazy, hot summer days when you want something refreshing combined with a caffeine hit or for those who love iced coffee all year round!

Making cold coffee at home can be notoriously tricky which is why this product from Bodum is so great!

Features include:

  • The French Press is made of stainless steel, rubber, and silicone.
  • It comes with two lids: A classic plunger lid plus a silicone lid you use in the fridge that preserves flavour and fragrance while your delicious EA coffee is brewing.
  • Provides more than one cup so once brewed, you can leave it in the fridge and return when your ready for your next cup.
  • Environmentally friendly! No plastic capsules or paper filters required.
  • Can be cleaned safely in the dishwasher.



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