Flavoured Syrups for Coffee

Four fantastic syrups now available in 250ml glass bottles. Perfect for adding some flavour to your coffee at home.

Available in the following flavours: Caramel, Vanilla, Gingerbread and Hazelnut.




These Flavoured Syrups for Coffee are full of taste, and little else; you’ll find no artificial colours and definitely no GMO’s. Sweetbird syrups are the perfect ingredient to use with milk alternatives for hundreds of tasty vegan-friendly recipes from lattes to milkshakes and frappés. All Sweetbird syrups are made in Bristol with British Sugar. They are also Vegan friendly and work well with milk alternatives.


Caramel Syrup

Rich and velvety, our caramel flavour is deliciously moreish and versatile. Use it to make the perfect caramel latte, or something more adventurous such as a millionaire’s frappé.

Vanilla Syrup

Our version of the versatile classic; adds a dash of sophistication to any drink. The syrup most likely to appear on a menu, and most popular with customers. This is a great place to start if you are new to syrups.

Gingerbread Syrup

We’ve mixed biscuity tones with ginger to create a delicious flavour with pleasingly spiced notes. One of the most popular syrups, gingerbread really comes into its own in the winter holidays, whether used in lattes and white or dark hot chocolates.

Hazelnut Syrup

We’ve infused the sweet taste and nutty aroma of hazelnut to create a syrup which works beautifully with coffee and chocolate. Combine with other syrups to create any number of other drinks such as praline frappés or a fruit and nut hot chocolate. We have specially developed our hazelnut syrup with natural flavours that don’t contain nuts.

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Caramel, Vanilla, Gingerbread, Hazelnut