Grey Hario Ceramic v60

The Hario 02 V60 dripper is a barista’s favourite because of its ability to consistently produce tasty coffee and maintain good heat retention.  This classic grey coloured V60 from Hario not only makes delicious coffee but looks great in any kitchen.



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  • Made from the highest quality porcelain, the ceramic Hario V60 achieves maximum heat retention.
  • Top to bottom internal ribs support natural flow of water and help deliver a “clean” cup.
  • Designed to be placed on top of a cup or carafe
  • Capacity – Can brew two to four cups at a time
  • Heatproof; Dishwasher and microwave friendly
  • Comes with red scoop for measuring coffee
  • Model 02 Dimensions – Height 10.2cm; Width 13.7cm; Diameter 11.6cm