Grizzly Bear Coffee | Ethical Blend

Grizzly Bear coffee is a dark roast combination of ethical coffee from 3 continents. Dark and chocolatey, cuddly but dangerous.



A dark roasted speciality blend of some of our finest coffees from three continents. Choosing deep, strong coffees that when combined create a nutty, chocolaty and slightly smoky taste but isn’t so dark as to remove body hair. Treat yourself to a new view and be content when you learn the new experience of this amazing coffee. Click on the order button to place an order now.

If you love dark coffee and like living a little dangerously then rip open a pack of this grrreat Grizzly bear coffee!



Roast: Dark

Tasting Notes: Rich and chocolatey



Additional information


Beans, Ground Coarse (cafetiere, french press …), Ground Medium (brewer, pour over …), Ground Fine (espresso, stove top …)


225g, 1kg