Fracino Coffee Machine Vendors

We sell excellent coffee so it goes without saying that we expect the espresso machines we sell to deliver! That’s we we are proud to work with Fracino, the Birmingham, British based manufacturer of espresso coffee machines. 

They consistently provide award winning machines and a customer service that is second to none. We have tried other companies in the past but no-one compares to Fracino. Their products are well built, reliable and look fantastic. EA has built a strong rapport with them over the years and we know their machines well. If things do go wrong then we know that between us, we can quickly resolve any issues.

Fracino are not far away either. In fact, they are based in Birmingham. Their designing and manufacturing components are all in house so you won’t have to wait months for imports. They also pride themselves on being transparent and offer fair pricing over all their service options.

  • Quality world-class engineering
  • An award-winning UK manufacturer
  • Range of machine options to suit all
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Professional aftercare and servicing
  • We have access to parts and advice as required
  • Choose FRACINO with confidence


As an authorised supplier we can help with advice, sales, installation and training on all equipment as well as being trained for servicing and repairs.

Purchase or rental options.

Please ask for brochures and quotations. Or visit the roastery to come and see the equipment in use.

Made from British-sourced copper, brass and stainless steel, Fracino coffee machines are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technology by a talented team of skilled engineers. As a result, the model range this brand produces offers exceptional reliability, amazing quality and, above all, a long working lifespan.

We stock a wide variety of their espresso machines including the Piccano, an excellent machine for both small cafes and home users.

About Fracino Coffee Machine Company

Fracino Coffee Machine

Fracino was founded in 1990 in Birmingham . Before that, he had been importing and supplying coffee machines to retail outlets in Britain from his garden shed!

The founder of Fracino, machine tool designer Frank Maxwell started his coffee machine business importing and supplying coffee machines to retail outlets in Britain from his garden shed! Then in 1990 he officially began the Fracino company designing and producing their own coffee machines. Since its inception, Fracino has gone from strength to strength garnering praise from the industry and their customers. Each Fracino coffee machine takes into account the technical and aesthetic needs of the industry and are tailored to suit all budgets.

The majority of Fracino products are ‘Made in Britain’ accredited which essentially means that they have been manufactured in the United Kingdom. Their ongoing mission statement is to provide the best quality products using state of the art manufacturing processes and invest in ongoing research and development.