A perfect storm of global and local issues along with uncertainty have forced a price increase as of December 1st, 2021.

We do not believe in rising prices for the sake of it, in fact we haven’t done any coffee price rises since 2017.

Everyone is aware from news stories week-in-week-out that there are significant on-going problems with our supply chains in the UK, including delays on imported goods and huge price increases on shipping and shipping containers. Coupled with growing demand this has forced prices up sharply.

You have probably already had price increases and whilst until now we have been able to absorb most of them, particularly coffee prices since we buy our coffee in such a unique way our crops are secure for a whole year and not price sensitive month-by-month.

However, with the new crops due in now and shipping costs particularly very high (container prices are up about six-fold!) we unfortunately have to face the reality of passing some of these increasing costs on.

The price of coffee, packaging and almost everything has risen rapidly since the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Brazil, the largest world producer of coffee had a late frost and therefore destroying a significant proportion of the crop, in turn affecting coffee prices globally. It is well documented that, as the climate crisis worsens, extreme weather occurrences will only get more frequent, and their effects will be far-reaching.

More locally here in the UK, driver shortages, gas prices, wages and inflation have led to increased roasting, packing and shipping costs too.

As such coffee prices need to go up to cover these rising costs. Other items are simply price increases passed on from our suppliers of cups, hot chocolate, tea, etc.

We are committed to close working relationships with all of you, and value not only your business but your friendship too. As such this is a very reluctant move by us, but please note we haven’t increased coffee prices since 2017, and even these price increases in a coffee shop will represent only about 2p per cup of coffee, something we hope you can easily offset by modest menu price changes yourselves. 


UPDATE Jan 2022: BBC News Article on inflation

Inflation: Seven reasons the cost of living is going up around the world – BBC News


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