Due to ongoing increases in material and operational costs that have been passed on to us, we are again left with no alternative but to make price rises on certain products.

We are really frustrated by this, but equally sympathetic given our own firsthand knowledge of the shipping and logistics issues globally at the moment we have to navigate with coffee.

So, regrettably there are more price rises this month on takeaway items.  Please note we are holding our margin and simply passing on increases from suppliers. We have searched the market for other suppliers and negotiated prices so again be assured we’re doing all we can for you.

We also want to assure you that both us and our cup suppliers have every intention to reduce prices again as soon as possible.  
In the meantime it does represent a great opportunity to encourage customers to use reusable cups and/or follow the many coffee shops that are now charging a premium on menu price for a disposable cup.

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