3DS Secure – new online card security protocols

Extra security when you’re buying online

From March 14, retailers must check that it is you making the payment before they take money from your card as new changes to bank card transactions come into force.

The changes come as part of the new Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fraud-prevention rules, known as ‘Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

But don’t worry, we’ve planned ahead and it’s already in place on our website, in collaboration with our card processor. You may have even already noticed we are using ‘3D Secure’ (3DS) technology to verify it’s you using the card when you’re buying things online. 3DS is a standard many card providers are now using to reduce e-commerce fraud.

For the vast majority of customers buying coffee on our website there will be no issues at all, the transaction will go ahead exactly as before although some customers will face an added step to the checkout process when buying online.

If there is a problem and security information does not match then the payment could be declined if the transaction cannot be verified as being genuine.

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