Are your machines ready after sitting idle?  Have you flushed them through?  Have you recalibrated where necessary?
Do you have enough stock? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate . . . . . ?
Do you have enough take-out items like cups, lids, trays, straws?  Remember we are 100% plastic-free for all our take-out supplies.
Have you considered signage for social distancing?
Have you conisdered a one-way sytem in and out if possible?
Make sure you do a deep-clean before opening, sanitising all tables, ledges, door handles etc.  And keep this up as a more intense routine than normal.
Masks for you and your staff – source now to avoid low stocks and higher prices
Have you considered a ‘sneeze shield’ for the till or across the serving area?
Do you want staff to brush up on barista skills whilst waiting to come back?  There’s plenty of good free videos online (including or we can arrrange a socially-distanced refresher training session a day or so before you re-open.

Anything else you think we can help with just ask me or the team

We are in and out of the roastery most days but if you can’t get through to the office then try my mobile 07951 598846

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