Together we can take small steps back to reality

Ignoring political rhetoric, we really are in this together, but as your direct trade coffee roasters, that is how we’ve always seen our relationship with our customers and our suppliers, especially our farmers.  So we write to encourage us all as we face the challenge to adapt and re-open, and to say how can we help?  As we take small steps back towards a new normal, please let us know. 

  • When do you plan to open so we can be roasting and ready with your coffee?
  • Do you need help starting and setting up equipment again, particularly espresso machines and grinders?
  • Do you need new take-out supplies for increased off-site trade?
  • Or do you just need to talk to someone about business, life and have a virtual coffee and a friendly conversation?

We can do all of the above (and more)

Feeling, motivated, philosophical, and really thankful

We are in and out of the roastery most days but if you can’t get through to the office
then try my mobile 07951 598846

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