Final emails from Kira Farm students

It was so nice hearing from you it has been more privilege of being sponsored by you through Amigos. It is so exciting to know that you coming hope I get to meet you that will be so good. Am just counting days to going home but I fill so ready for home but I fill so ready for home.

I have been blessed with so many Skills am now making plans on how I am going to put them into better use. Once an amigos always an amigos that has kept me so relaxed because I know I will have people to consult about so many things. I will be looking forward to your travelling plans.

Yours, Dorcus.

Dorcus showing off her cassava chips she has made for sale.
Dorcus showing off her cassava chips she has made for sale.

How are you doing? I cannot believe this is my last email am writing to you before I leave Kira next month. I am counting weeks to going back home, my last weeks on Kira are going to be emotional, 

With the business training I have been taken through at this end of my training I have been encouraged that even with little I can achieve something. My focus is now on how  I am going to use specifically my building skill to see that I earn some money that can enable me do other things like carpentry  and also helping out my family. I am saying building at first because there are so many building jobs in my village so for that I am so sure I have a ready market.

Thanks a lot for restoring hope into my life.leaving my friends and this wonderful environment of Kira Farm  is not going to be easy.. There is a lot of positive changes that have happened in my life. I have new goals to achieve and I am so sure they are all achievable.  I have skills and a life that has been transformed inside and out. I am now using these last weeks to draw out plans on how am going to see my goals become a reality.      

Yours, Beckham.

Beckham frying some mandazi for his business

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