Prices changes – December 2022

I’m sure you have been expecting this, and so I will not give a long explanation about all the global crises and cost pressures we are all facing, particularly fuel, energy, wages and the weak pound given all coffee comes from overseas.

I do however want to say you should have noticed we have held our prices all year despite growing costs everywhere – this is because of the unique way we buy our coffee and secure it annually from the harvest, hence not price sensitive month-by-month. So even whilst other costs were rising we had a solid base price for coffee for our customers. That said, there has been pressure on us from other suppliers, particularly energy, and we have had price rises  ourselves throughout the year. We have held off as long as we can and with gas particularly, let alone all the other costs we are unable to avoid this any longer.

With shipping costs, gas costs and many other increases it is inevitable that now coffee  prices are going up. Other items are simply price increases passed on from our suppliers of cups, hot chocolate, tea, etc. and will be item specific. Where we have been able to hold prices we have.

We are committed to being  effective and sustainable as a business, but also remain deeply supportive of both our customers and producers. We value not only your business but your friendship too. As such this is always a reluctant move by us, but please note these price increases represent only about 2p per cup of coffee, something we hope you can easily offset by modest menu price changes yourselves.

We also believe we continue to offer exceptional value, not  only in the quality of our speciality coffee, but with added value through the provenance of the coffee itself, and the support services we offer in-house with servicing, advice and training.  Delivery remains free for most orders, and we are removing the temporary fuel surcharge. And as I hope you know we do not operate on greedy large margins, so as we have in the past, when energy or  production costs fall we will maintain fairness and reduce prices in line where possible.

I trust you understand.  Please know how much we value each and every one of our producers and customers, and we remain firmly committed to supporting these relationships from farm to cup.

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