With glowing reviews from home users and Baristas alike, the Aeropress has quickly become the go to coffee maker for many coffee aficionados. With its unique brewing process, that is somewhere in between a cafetiere and a pour over, you can make a delicious cup of coffee in under one minute!

The AeroPress gives you a smooth, rich flavoured coffee without the bitterness by using gentle air pressure. They are especially suited to individuals who want to make coffee in a very quick and convenient way but can brew up to three cups if needed.

Are you ready to join the cult of Aeropress?


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The Aeropress was designed for quickly making a great cup of coffee yet is adaptable enough to allow you to experiment with how you make it. They are also great for travelling due to the design being light and portable. Just check out all the videos on YouTube and search for the inverted brewing method. In fact it has become so popular that theres even an Aeropress championships.

This set contains:

  • 350 filter papers (which can be rinsed and used again up to 10 times!)
  • chamber with plunger,
  • filter cap,
  • filter holder,
  • funnel, stirrer and scoop.


We recommend our ground fine\ medium option for our coffees when brewing with an Aeropress but feel free to experiment on your own to find the perfect extraction and flavour.