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We’ve been working with Zuma and Sweetbird for years and love what they do. They consistently produce the highest quality products and are always full of great ideas. They recently released their new catalogue which is chock full of interesting news and great recipes. 

In this post we’ve curated the information that we think is most useful to you. You can read the catalogue for yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.

Winter Trends

Have you heard of these expressions before?

‘Flexitarian’ – people choosing to consume less meat without fully committing to a vegetarian only diet.

‘Climatarian’ – eating inspired by affecting the environment as little as possible.

‘LOHAS Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability’ – People choosing to live a healthy lifestyle not just for themselves but for the planet as well.

More than ever before, consumers care about the origin of their food and the ethical and environmental way it was grown. As you know, Ethical Addictions Coffee is completely transparent about how we source our coffee and our impact on the environment as well as the farmers we work with. 

More and more people are choosing to reduce their alcohol intake so offering non-alcoholic options is a great way to encourage people. 

The pandemic has led some to think back to simpler times with consumers seeking childhood favourite flavours in their food and drink which gives them that warm and nostalgic feeling. We are loving the gingerbread and mint flavours at the moment.

Pumpkin Spice Syrup

Over the last few years pumpkin spice syrup has become very popular throughout autumn and can be used for more than just warming up that latte.

Here’s three other drinks that use Pumpkin Spice Syrup, and are perfect for Christmas shoppers in need of a pick me up:

  • Mince Pie latte (with toffee apple syrup)
  • Spiced Apple Steamer  (add to apple juice and steam)
  • Appleberry Fruit Smoothie. (Add two pumps to raspberry & blackcurrant smoothie and top with hot water)

At home syrups 

Sweetbird has finally blessed us with their 250ml home syrups in glass bottles! They have chosen their four most popular flavours to start with which are Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Gingerbread – these are great additions to sell in your shop, either on their own or as part of a gift set or hamper – so many options!

In Stock Now!

Christmas Ideas 🎄

After a year and a half of lockdowns and many people not able to see family over the Christmas holidays, Christmas 2021 is going to be HUGE! People will be eager to make the most of the festive season. This could be a great opportunity to take advantage of a busy time, get creative and use existing stock to create some fun creative holiday themed drinks. Ideas on page 80

Winter Recipe Ideas Video

If you prefer a more visual medium, Beyond the Bean who make Sweetbird and Zuma produces, have recently released a 40 minute video where they talk about latest trends and talk you through a few new recipe ideas.

Download the Catalogue

To see the full articles and get some great recipe ideas, you can download the full Winter brochure in pdf format here 📕.

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