Take-out items: Price Update

As you are probably aware from the news there are huge challenges with items coming in from overseas at the moment.  From all suppliers we are being met with a lack of product availability and significant price increases.  This is due to a perfect storm of post-Covid demand, Brexit border issues, complicated supply chains increasing shipping container costs, the Suez Canal blockage that still has a backlog, and an increase in raw materials.  All of this has meant a shortage of products and price increases.

We are sourcing what options we can for cups, lids and other items to keep our customers trading, however in the short-term this does mean replacement products where we may have to compromise on compostable/recyclable options purely because of availability, and then due to short supply and huge demand there are fluctuating prices.

We will endeavour to source the best options at the best price, however in the short-term this means we all need to be flexible and unfortunately be prepared to pay a little more.

Our hope and expectation is that prices will return back down within a few months at most and a reliable supply of good compostable products will be secured.
In the meantime please be patient with us and raise any questions with us you may have.

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