BBC video of EA water projects

BBC radio interview today about the latest trip to Tanzania and Ian becoming a tribal chief.

To promote this interview, they took pictures and videos that Ian had recorded on location in Tanzania and turned it into this short video that was shared online.

Video Transcript

  • This is the first time Cecilia has used clean running water
  • She lives in Tanzania where Ian Meredith from Gloucester, gets his coffee.
  • He owns Ethical Addictions – an ethical coffee company.
  • He’s also been supporting long-term development for Mweka villages…
  • Like getting running water to people like Felicita, who live on Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • In 10 years, Ian says he’s witnessed huge changes in living standards.
  • The village of Orera is so grateful to Ian…
  • They’ve made him a chief of the Chagga Tribe!

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