Autumn 2016

We Did It!

You, us and the Kichao village!

It took longer than we wanted it to, but this is Africa! Back-and-forth for nearly 15 years, you think I would have learned by now! We hoped to have this done in February but it finally happened in August – still totally worth it. Fresh, clean drinking water for an entire village!!!!

The Kichao village in Mweka, Tanzania had no access to clean water, they had to walk 1-2km, 5 or 6 times every day to collect water for washing, drinking, cooking, cleaning and for their animals, and it wasn’t even clean water! Well, with your help, we have caught, treated and piped water straight into the village and changed the lives of nearly 100 families!

In addition, 26 families have even made their own connection already, so they have their own tap.

It wasn’t without it’s difficulties and couldn’t have been done without the help of excellent people at Machare Farm. We’ve learned a lot from the project, and now with your continued support EA has plans to continue this project into other villages.

There’s a great little video online and some photos. It has been a humbling, and life-changing experience. Thank you for helping to make dreams reality!

ECOffee Cups

We love these! Created from sustainable bamboo fibre and

non-GMO corn starch they are beautiful, eco, well-priced and perfect gifts. 


There’s a lot of doom and gloom about Brexit and the falling value of the pound. We’ve had lots of emails and letters from suppliers increasing prices anything from

+4 to +30%. Truth is it’s the reality of the exchange rate and rising global prices.

Coffee, like many things is bought in US dollars and we need to buy crop, and make orders now for 2017. 

It’s regrettable, unavoidable and we don’t like it.

That said, as part of our commitment to fairness, transparency and not being greedy, we’re only going to pass on less than half of the increase and pledge to reduce prices if the pound recovers.

A more detailed letter will follow and new prices will be in effect from January 1st.

Final Thoughts

Another year is coming to an end and 2017 looks to have new challenges and opportunities, not least of all because of falling exchange rates post-Brexit, but we’re committed to being your number one ethical coffee UK company, offering quality sourced farm direct coffee, sustaining relationships, and new projects – none of which we could do without you.

Look out for a thank you gift in your Christmas order…

All the best,

Ian & EA Team  

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