We’re good under pressure

A well-maintained espresso machine is essential to making the perfect coffee.

At EA, for a long time now we have had our own espresso engineers and barista trainers to help with everything from looking after your machine through to getting your grind and extraction right, to texturing your milk for a super smooth flat white.

And now we are able to offer PSSR safety pressure testing in-house.

It is a requirement of HSE, under the PSSR Act 2000, that any equipment under pressure be safety tested annually, so we can now easily add this on to your annual service.

  • Delivery & Installation of new equipment

  • Pre-install advice

  • Call-outs and fixing problems

  • Annual service

  • Coffee equipment repairs

  • Water filter exchange

  • Spare parts

  • Grinder blades

  • PSSR safety valve testing (and replacement if nedeed)

  • Barista training

Call one of the EA team 01452 280026

*we promise to only use a hammer as a last resort

Call for information or to book a service 01452 280026

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